I created La la boudoir as a classy daring way for women to express themselves.

Find some fun, sexy, clothes that you'd love to wear and let's get started. 

Lala Boudoir studio is in Eugene Oregon.

email to say hello there is no commitment to just chat.

It's not about seducing someone as much as it is about empowering your womanhood.

An empowered woman is like an irresistible, seductive temptress         

From sexy boudoir photos for someone you love, bridal boudoir, anniversary, honeymoon surprise or fashion images that show off the luxury version of you, this is what boudoir is about.

Much of my artistic influence comes from working in the Middle East and Latin America for magazines as a photojournalist. I completed my BA at UO and my Master’s at Ohio University. I’ve always been dedicated to doing the best.  It does make a difference who photographs you.  I encourage every woman to treat herself to the best. 
My chosen name is Alayla Spring and my real name is Sherrlyn.  I chose spring because I love the season of birds singing, the earth awakening to light, the smell of green and colors. It just seems to be the right name for Boudoir Photography! Call or email us to see if it’s right for you. 

Consultations are always free.

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Engagement photography, storytelling photography event photography, portraits, head shots, and advertising photography available. Travel photography workshops to Guatemala 2017 and more