the Favorite Little Black Book $535. 

This package includes a 11x14 hand detailed wall print for a special place in your home and the Little Black Boudoir Book.  These aren't pictures you are going to tape on a refrigerator. These images are keepsakes which will stay with you even when you are 85 or 100 years old.  
  • Your photo session will last about one and a half hours but is flexible and doesn't include the time it takes you to change clothing. I want you to look ravishing and if you need to reapply makeup or take a second look there is time for this. 
  • You come prepared to shoot ( I can suggest great makeup artists). I will help you with clothing decisions for what looks great. 
  • Includes 11x14 edited, photoshopped print ready for you to frame and hang in a special place in your home. 
  • The Little Black Boudoir Book is handcrafted and professionally designed with a bound leather cover.  Choose Black, Red, White, Purple or Lime Green.  I encourage you to choose a poem, a quote or name to be included in the book. The book includes durable pages and is high quality.  Everyone is different so  you have the option to order a larger book or you can stick with The Little Black Boudoir Book!  
  • Who orders this? For yourself or for an anniversary gift, bridal gift, honeymoon gift, birthdays and Valentine's Day photos or just because..... It is our most sought after session. 
  •  Collection -Simply Love - $435.

  • One Hour Glamour Session is for the person who wants exclusively wall art. 
  • Two clothing changes (one that you arrive in and one change)
  • 1 16x20, 1 8x12 prints ready for your wall and one 5x7 print. Includes professional edits and photoshop on the prints. 
  • All photos are edited and airbrushed. (this means no cellulite or other funny bumps)

*** Earn a free wall portrait when you refer a friend!


                       ADD A SECOND PERSON to any shoot for just  $85.  

    • Collection Three - OO! La la on Location    $635.  

    • Two-hour Glamour Session 
    • You choose your location-  your own bedroom, the forest,  your garden, with your horse,  your/his  motorcycle, on top of  the hill or any idea that you know would be romantic within 8 mile proximity of downtown Eugene.  
    • 3-4 changes of clothing as time permits
    • The Little Black Boudoir Book (16 + images) you can choose the small romantic book or add a larger version. 
    • 2 Gorgeous airbrushed  Wall Portraits one 8x12 and one 16x20
    • all selected images are photoshopped and edited 

    Lala Boudoir Photography Eugene Oregon


    Add a 2nd person to your photo session for $85.  It's fun to have a second person in some special selected moments.  Couples sessions are fantastic and you'll love them wrapped up in The Little Black Boudoir Book.  


    Lala Boudoir Photography Eugene Oregon

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